June 13, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. - Gift Card Bouquet

Top o' the mornin' to ya, friends! 

Today I bring to you a very simple gift idea for those who, well, just already kinda have everything you need so you never know what to get them for their birthday. AKA: my superwoman of a sister-in-law who just birthed triplets and is probably in SERIOUS need of some "me" (or "her?") time. 

I present to you...the Gift card bouquet! AKA: a little bit of everything gift with MUCH better presentation than those stupid gift card envelopes.

Here's where I found my original inspiration:

Flowers of some sort with equal amounts of gift cards. I chose gift cards I knew she would use on herself: Bath & Body Works, Chick-Fil-A, Marble Slab (the girl LOVES her some ice cream!), Panera and Starbucks.

I've seen people cut out flowers from that foam stuff or even cardstock but A) that was too much work and B) all that time and effort that went into cutting out the perfect flower would be dumped in la garbage. I decided to go with a functional flower buy using the flower hair clips from Hobby Lobby. I figure sissy-in-law gets the gift cards, new babies would get to wear the flowers and I didn't have to spend countless hours trying to cut out the most perfect little daisy. Win/win? Yethhhhh.

Oh ya. You'll also need a vase of some sort (this was a tall metal vase/planter from Hobby Lobby), sticks (also from Hobby Lobby), some type of moss, and ribbon of some sort to use as the leaves on the stem of your flower. (The ribbon pictured below ended up not working out so I used green tulle instead and I think it turned out much cuter.)

Okay! Now you're ready!

Step one. Clip and/or hot glue your flower to one of the sticks. We'll call this the "Flower Kabob".

Step two. Make 4 more flower kabobs, or until all your flowers are on their designated sticks.

Step three. Hot glue (or use glue dots, like I did) to stick your gift cards to the backs of your flower kabobs.

Step four. Place a fair amount of moss into the bottom of your vase. You'll want to use quite a bit to see that it will hold your flower kabobs in place.

Step five. Shove your little flowery beauties in there, make leaves on your stem by using ribbon (or green tulle, like I decided to use last minute), tie a ribbon around the top of the vase to give it some extra flair and voila!

Festive AND functional...yes?!

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  1. This is too cute for words! What a great idea!

  2. That is so cute! I love that the little munchkins can reuse the little flowers later on.

  3. what a fun gift!! Gift cards are even better when they're presented in bouquet form!

  4. yay! this is my first time linking up! I am so excited!! weeeee.

    thanks for hosting :)

  5. How adorable, what a fantastic idea for those people you just can't seem to buy something specific for!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, I wish I would have seen this about 3 weeks ago before I gifted my BFF something similar. THIS IS TOO CUTE!

  7. I've never seen an idea like that and I love it! I like how you used the flower hair clips to be multipurpose!

  8. You made this idea look really cute. I have done this before but I did it with a plant for the house and then put those plastic picture holders (I don't know what they are called) to hold the gift cards and just put them right in the dirt. This is WAYYYY cuter! :)

  9. This is a super cute idea for a birthday gift or housewarming gift! It turned out amazing.

  10. I absolutely love this!!!! so much better than just giving a gift card in a normal card!!!!

  11. Love this idea!! What a great way to give a gift card. I'm totally doing this!


  12. Love love love this!!! So super cute & original! Plus, a great gift for those that have everything!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Such a great gift idea!! Love it.

  15. This really is such an amazing way to showcase a regular gift card. After all, isn't that what we ladies want anyway? Add some flowers and you got yourself a beautiful gift! & I just LOVE how you made them with the bow flowers - such a sweet touch for your new nieces! :)

  16. Awesome idea! I almost always give gift cards cause I never know what to buy people anymore. This is a great way to present them :)

  17. I loathe giving Giftcards, it's never "pretty" enough! You just blew my mind, I absolutely
    love this! Super cute!

  18. oh my gosh! best idea ever! Love this friend.

  19. steph this is SUCH a cool amazing gorgeous idea!!

    im going to be stealing this (crediting YOOOU of course!) and doing it for future special days!

    maybe if i pray hard enough someone will do this for me for my birthday equipped with gift cards to all of Lil Waynes concerts and even a gift card to spend a day at his house ;-)

    xoxoxo love you!

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  21. Love the gift card bouquet with flower clips! Great idea. I added it to my roundup of the best gift card wreaths and gift card trees on the Internet. Thanks for sharing. (You can find it on giftcardsDOTcom BLOG if interested.)

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