December 26, 2013

Vest Obsessed

Happy day after Christmas, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas...I know I sure did! I also believe I gained another 3+ pounds...easily. Thank GOODNESS I'll be back to eating yeast-free starting in January! (More on that later!)

Also-this is totally out of character for me to say but I think my liver officially hurts. It's probably a good sign I should stick with high-quality H2O for a while...

Anywho...while 99% of you are off work today and most likely shopping it up, hitting up the best after-Christmas steals & deals in all of America, I'll be sitting behind my desk wishing I was out there dealing with the crowds and scouring the racks. Ok-no. I don't ever wish for dealing with a crowd. But I do wish I could spend the entire day in my pj's, in front of the fire, shopping every possible site the internet has to offer. I'm strongly considering starting my Christmas shopping for 2014 tonight...hmmm...not a bad idea...

And with all of that, I bring you what may or may not be my favorite outfit to wear all winter long. Y'all know me...I'm not the fancy schmancy type...I'm all for cute, comfy & practical. I'd be lying if I said I didn't wear this outfit once to a neighbor's Christmas gathering, and then again the next night to dinner with my girlfriends. #noshame 

I'd also be lying if I said I didn't brave the mall on Christmas Eve to go get another one of these puffer vests, but in navy blue. Hey...if the vest fits, buy it in every color.

Long Sleeve Burnout Tee | Vest (found online at Old Navy in plus sizes only but they carry it in all sizes in stores.) | Jeans | Boots | Sunglasses | Necklace | Ring | Watch | Clutch | Nail Polish | Photography by Beau :)

P.S. - who's shopping the beloved VS Semi Annual Sale this week?! 
I'll take this, this and this. Please & thank you! ;)

P.S.S. - if you're out scouring the interwebs today looking for the best after-Christmas deals, I did all the research for ya here. You're welcome.


  1. Girl after my own heart! I always go for the cute, comfy & practical outfits! Love the vest & the color especially! Coral & turquoise are one of my favorite color combos!! I'll have to try & find that vest here local!!

  2. I freaking love that vest!!! I have been looking for it everywhere but ALL the old navy's by me are sold out :( I need the navy blue one in a bad way!

  3. Im right there with you about wishing I was at home in front of the fire instead of sitting at my desk at work! Love the vest...I've had my eye on them every time I go into Old Navy... maybe I will take advantage of the sales today:)

  4. Just found your blog from this picture on Pinterest! I love it! The vest and clutch are my favorites!

  5. I love puffer vests!!! my zipper on my favorite one melted thanks to Anthony putting it in the dryer. So now I need to try to find a couple more (: I had never heard of bauble bar before either and I am loving all this jewelry!!!

  6. We are puffer vest twins today! Stephanie, I love it when you do outfit posts...I know it's not your "thing" but PLEASE do more!! The camera loves you! You look fab and loving this look! Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!! xoxo

  7. Oh girl, you are the cutest thing ever. 1. Those long jane Vickie's PJs are the BEST EVER. And 2. those vests look super cute monogrammed. I should know, got them monogrammed in two colors :)

  8. I wear my J.Crew vests ALL THE TIME. I feel like they instantly pull my outfit together, and are super comfy.

    Emily @

  9. Can we focus on the bag? I LOVE envelope clutches and I really like the navy blue on that one. :)

  10. Went and picked up the vest this past weekend! Thanks for sharing your great finds!


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