March 20, 2011

Help a sista out!

With the wedding less than 4 weeks away (wowzer!), I desperately need help with a few gift ideas and well, since the blogging community is full of creative-minded, thoughtful women, why not rely on y'all to help me?!

I have NO clue what to get our mom's. A monogrammed hanky will be a "must-have" but I wanted to give them something else...something more sentimental. I mean-these are our moms we're talking about here. Any ideas?

We also need a gift for Beau's dad. I mean, we could easily get away with a premium bottle of scotch but if you have anything else is mind for the most sincere, thoughtful, caring man in the world, I could definitely use all your help!

And last but definitely not least...I need a good gift idea for Beau. The knife, flask, cuff links, watch, etc are all out of the question since he has all of those already. I was kind of hoping to get him something he could use the day of the wedding but since the boy has everything I'm completely lost!

Help!! What did you give as gifts or what have you seen given as gifts?? I need to buy/order these asap! :)


  1. I did boudoir photos for my husband, and gave them to him the night before the wedding, as a tease :) They were really classy ones though ( I am the most modest person ever lol) they were not trashy :) Good luck girl!

  2. I totally stressed about parent gifts too. I did embroidered hankies for BOTH of our parents with cards telling them they could expect a wedding album as soon as picts were available and i made them customized photo books at and they LOVED them! Peter and I decided not to get each other gifts since the wedding was costing us an arm and a leg - we said we'd buy something on our honeymoon for our home that would be memorable instead. I did surprise him with having his wedding ring engraved though - it was meaningful and he loved it. Hope that helps? Don't stress honey! XOXOX

  3. Hey girlie! I also gave our parents wedding albums - except I had them bound as books and added in quotes, ect. has good prices and also usually has deals on them as well.

  4. I wish I could help you! I too am stuck on what to get our parents and Adam!! I thought about boudoir photos but decided to save that idea for our 1 year anniversary gift since the 1st year is paper... So, I'm with you and have no clue where to even start looking for gifts!

  5. Wedding albums for the parents. I got Nick a kayak for his gift - he loved it.

  6. Eeee I haven't even begun to think about these types of gifts. Parents are hard, but they will love anything sentimental, maybe an album of your childhood through when you meet and relationship with your future hubby and leave some blanks spots for wedding photos, and the wonderful future ahead of you! You could get Beau nice engraved cuff links, a pocket watch, or beer stein he can use at the reception!

  7. Vineyard vines has some adorable ties with college emblems on them. I'm a huge fan of passing one along to the lucky boy who still roots true and true for his alma mater.


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