March 6, 2011

Your husband will thank me later

I'm not the kind of girl who has ever wanted a larger "upper half"...if ya know what I mean. To be perfectly honest, I'd rather be comfortable than look like I've got somethin' to offer. I'd be perfectly fine wearing a sports bra everyday but apparently that's not appropriate for a girl my age.

Welllll....very recently I was introduced to the Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bra and

Seriously-I think the demand for plastic surgeons could drastically be affected by this piece of fantastickness. No. Joke.
Beau calls me a "faker" and may or may not be a little unsatisfied with the false advertisement this bra portrays but hey, he'll get over it, right? ;)

Anywho- do yourself a favor and make an investment in this plumping piece of property. You (or your husband, for that matter) will thank me later.

Although I'm far from Pam Anderson (& quite okay with that)...thank you, Victoria. You've done it again!

That's all for today! Hope y'all are having a happy Sunday! :)


  1. Victorias Secret bras are Ammmmmmmazzzzing!!



  2. I cannot wait to get one of these...once i save up some $$$$ : )

  3. seriously the best invention ever! That is all I own now! I do feel bad though for the guys because they are a teaser and makeit look like theres plenty more!

  4. Hello! The blog is very good!
    Have a nice day!

  5. I have one and it is AMAZING! I also can't wait to buy the Miraculous Swim Suit!!

  6. I got one for my birthday a couple years ago when they first came out, and NOW...well it's the only kind of bra I will wear. Annnnd, they have a strapless version, ammmmazing.


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