March 13, 2011

The time I wished it was Monday.

Fiance comes home tomorrow from his bachelor cruise & I am like a kid on Christmas morning. It's 11:24pm on Sunday night. Seeing that I'm about an hour past my bedtime, I should be sound asleep. But I'm not.

You never realize how much you love and miss someone until they're not around.

the way i fall asleep on the couch with my feet in his lap.
kissing his forehead every morning before i leave for work.
watching the lamest shows together.
someone to wash my back for me.
enjoying coffee on sunday mornings.
feeling wanted.
his mess on the bedroom floor that i come home to everyday.
sharing a glass of water with dinner.
repeated nagging phone calls while he's at work & i'm at lunch.
someone to vent to.
cooking dinner.
listening to him cuss violently at his video game.
someone to share the covers with.


I love that man. Can't wait to kiss his face soon.
Is it Monday yet???


  1. Distance does make the heart grow fonder!! It sucks being away from each other, but the reunion is oh so great!!

  2. Aww!!! I'm sure he can't wait to get back to you either. You're so sweet =) How long til your big day? I'm excited for you!!

  3. I agree! I have the hardest time sleeping when Billy isn't home :(

  4. Oh girl, I feel your pain!! It is awful when our men leave us, but we know they need their space too! Luckily when Alex went camping I left and went to Pensacola! Hah! Of course he got back before I did and missed me like crazy! I missed him too of course! It sucked seeing my bff with her husband all lovey dovey! As soon as I got home though I got the biggest hug and kiss ever! BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD! I can't wait for you to get yours!!!

  5. too cute! it made me laugh because chris does the same things: leaves his mess all over the bedroom floor, and cusses oh so violently at his video games lol..


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