March 28, 2011

What better thing to do when you're taking defensive driving?

That's right...speedy over here got a ticky back in January and am just now doing my part as a good civilian.

P.S.- Officer "Heckler"...don't you know I was in an unfamiliar town and that a twenty something gal like myself has much better things to do than sit in front of a cheesy defensive driving course for FIVE hours?? ...ass.

Anywho...while I patiently wait for these cheesy never-ending videos to end, I thought I'd fill y'all all in on my thoughts on the perfect relationship. I mean, not that we are by any means "perfect" or that my advice means anything to anyone else but I can entertain myself, right?

Ok good! Here goes!

I truly believe the secret to any good marriage is balance. I also believe that while Beau and I do agree on a lot of things, there are several things about us that are completely opposite.

You know-little things.

He loves doing the laundry. I despise it. If it were up to me I'd let them all get dirty, buy all new ones (already on the hanger, of course!) and throw the dirty ones away. But I'd be broke. And homeless. And fiance-less. So I suppose I'll submit to washing mine.

He loves ice cream but hates the bottom of an ice cream's my favorite part.

He drinks his coffee black. Me? Would you like some coffee with that cream?

He can stay up 'til the wee hours of the night watching movies. I start catching flies right around 5 minutes in.

He can go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. I. can. not.

He has the patience of a God. I'm like a ticking time bomb.

He hates being in an argument. Sometimes I just want to be mad.

This list could really go on forever...but I think you all get the point by now. (Well, that and chapter 4 of is coming to a close.)

The one thing we both without a doubt agree on is the fact that making the bed is a complete waste of energy.

So here's to a messy bed, clean clothes/dishes and the bottoms of ice cream cones! :) If in 20 years I start to think to myself that we don't agree on anything, I hope I remember to take a look at our un-made bed. ;)

What's your secret to a happy marriage/relationship?

And since this post doesn't have any pictures (since I don't have any saved on my new Mac), I leave you with this:

Beau's makeshift tv whilst sitting on a tv-less patio.

God forbid he miss March Madness. ;)


  1. Ok you and your fiance are like the perfect couple. The ying to the yang. Love that you took the time to do this during your speeding ticket class :)

  2. Im hosting an Easter Swap! You should come and join in on the fun!


  3. Awe, you two are completely adorable. Haha, I love the fact that you took the time to write in your blog during a speeding class. I'd probably do the same.

  4. We hate making our bed too!! We only do it when we have company over. :)

  5. oh my gosh my ex came to visit me at school and he was watching march madness at the club - if it was miami hockey i would be doing the same thing but basketball just doesn't interest me at all. and I have to make the bed or I cant be productive all day - i know weird right?

  6. you two are just presh! and those defensive driving classes are ridiculously boring!

  7. I can't believe he LIKES doing laundry. He is the perfect man!! haha! The comparison of how you guys take your coffee sounds just like my husband and I...mine is like a dessert, his is black as night!


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