November 30, 2011

A Real Man's Opinion...

If you follow me on Twitter, it's pretty obvious there are only 3 shows to which I am dedicated to. 

1. Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad
2. BCS Countdown
3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I should apologize for the MASSIVE amounts of unnecessary tweets that go down during these shows but I won't. I don't get too excited too often so when I do, I feel as if the entire Twitterverse needs to know about it.

(Sorry I'm not sorry.)

If you're a girl on planet Earth, you know the VS Fashion Show was on last night. 

I am SO not into fashion (ok that's a lie...I'm "starting" to get more into fashion) but there is just something about watching 6 foot tall, 90 pound, non-American women walk down a blinged-out runway in nothing more than a bra and a tutu. I just can't believe how incredibly beautiful, talented, skinny, toned, confident and did I say BEAUTIFUL those angels are!

[Holy Miranda.]

I am THEE ultimate people watcher so a show like this gives the term a whole new definition. (Don't tell me I'm the only girl who goes ga-ga over beautiful chicks in slim to nothing...)

Anywho-to Beau's utter demise, he had no choice but to tune into it with me.
Poor, poor husband ;)
Let's just say it was his first time tuning in and boy was he in. for. it.
(Little did he know, wifey was jotting down all of his commentary.)

The Howards were nestled and snug in their bed,
While visions of Miranda danced in Beau's head.


  1. You wrote that stuff down. You punk!

    love you

  2. Hahahaha I loved your live tweeting! Woot woot!

    Love Beau's reaction bubbles :)

  3. BAHAHAHAHA! Jake and I were having a very similar conversation. Except for when Adriana Lima came on TV... then I completely lost Jake. LOL

  4. Hey, that's me!

    and hey there Beau Beau...that pics looks somewhat familiar--oh wait, you sent me that one day when we were exchanging pics at home haha Love it! I DID hear the joke and sent Beau his own little response.

    I'm still confused why we haven't been asked to be angels yet? We can fake the accents and strut our stuff. Only minor details missing...



    can i just meet you 2?!?!? we would all get along so well lol i love love love

    adriana lima...HOTTIE TOTTIE!!

    this is amazing


  6. Miranda is my favorite!
    She is gorgey'
    I must say though the girls are healthy skinny/toned..
    They rent necessarily unhealthy sticks.
    Which makes me happy
    Like you can see the definition in their legs when they walk!

  7. Ok I feel like such a loser I think I am the only person who didnt watch this last night:( I was packing all night and so forgot about it.

  8. Haha - Best part about this {hands down truthful} hilarious post - ias your husbands comment! Caught-cha!

  9. HAAHAHAHAH SHUT UP! I love everything he said. Especially the "you get out of here you asian" simply because i didn't think she was all that hot. Anddddddddd, I wasn't a huge fan of the new girl Karlie. Standing next to my girl Erin (my favorite Angel) and Adriana she just didn't compare.

    I LOVE THE VS FASHION SHOW. I'm still obsessing over it. Just go read my post from today. wuahahaha!!

    I also love the most that my tweet made this post btw.


  10. You girls are making me so mad that I missed it!!!! My lesbian dog was graduating puppy Kindergarten!!!
    Now I am going to watch it! I think it so fricken funny that your hubby commented..that made this all worthwhile!!
    I wonder if 5'5" girls could be on the runway? hm mmaybe? maybe not?

  11. haha I love this!! Love that you wrote everything down!

  12. OMG LOL HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

    Everything the BGR said is CRACKING ME UP!!!

    "she's gonna break" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    "what if they forget to shave" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    and OF COURSE "can I tell Raven my joke" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    best. post. ever.

    seriously, I shouldn't laugh this hard this early in the morning. I NEED to hang out with you guys.

  13. hahaha!!! i love that your husband commented on your post!!! hahaha!!!!

  14. HAHAHA! I love that he had no idea that you were writing it down!!! This was funny! Someone just asked me why I was smiling at the computer! lol

  15. Lol i love all the thinking bubbles!

  16. Ha! This is hilarious and I love all of your husbands comments! (And he comment on this post! so funny)

  17. hahaha loved our twitter convo last night! felt like we were watching it together! so fun!

  18. Oh my gosh. Loved Beau's commentary! That's hilarious you wrote that all down.

  19. You must be my lost sister or something because I love everything Bachelor/ette/pad as well. Are you so excited for BEN?!! Also, the VS Fashion Show rocked my socks of last night. And Holy Miranda!!! She looked amazing not even a year after baby. Loved Lindsay and Adam as well. I wrote a post about it. Check it out!!

  20. lmao hahahahahhahahahah this. is classic.

  21. Can I just say that I LOVE that Beau commented on this post! Haha!

    And I'm sure many men would love it if their wives made them watch the VS Fashion Show with them! Haha!

  22. hahahahahahaha! that is amazing. oh, beau!

  23. Love this! Thanks for sharing. My husband fell asleep in the recliner.

  24. haha! I missed it this year unfortunately {or maybe fortunately for my ego} :). Usually as soon as I'm done watching it these are the only two thoughts in my head: 1) I need some new unders & 2) I need to hit the gym asap.

  25. I just found your blog through H-Town Blogger Hotties. I love it! This post had me cracking up.

    BTW--I see that you're a University of Houston DZ. I am, as well! :)


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