November 15, 2011

What the Pluck?

I've never paid much attention to my eyebrows. Sure-I get them waxed at the nearest nail salon every so often and pluck them on my own in between wack, I mean, wax jobs but never really cared much about them. 

Just more hair on my body...whatever.

When I do get around to actually tweezing them on my own, it's usually pulling out a few strays here, plucking a few out of placers there and so on but nothing more than that.

Until the day I had really, really good lighting. 

Or so I thought...

 Notice anything weird here?
(besides my freakishly enlarged eyeball...)

What about NOW?
Oh-that's funny. 
I'm missing HALF of my FREAKING eyebrow!!

It only took me TWO weeks to realize this. Two whole weeks I went with only half an eyebrow and not one person told me. Not my mom. Not my aunt. Not my co-workers. Not even my own husband. (Ok-like he would notice...but still!!)

This is when shit hit the fan.

Not one but TWO trips to Ulta followed this incident where a young lady at the "Brow Bar" (genius name, by the way) so kindly matched me up to this little beauty:

Insert "Brow-zing" by Benefit.
( newest BFF/partner in crime/sidekick. Literally.) 

Half wax/half powder: The wax keeps your eyebrows (that you DO have) in place and also keeps the powder sticking in the places where you DON'T have any eyebrow.

I love it. I love it. I love it,


Look who's rockin' a full set of eyebrows these day?! 
(well, that is, until I wash my face at night...)
Guess who has to grow her brows out for a 
gruesome 2-3 weeks to get them re-shaped? 

 Guess who's also terrified of rain and sweat and a swimming pool these days? 

I've decided, this gives a whole new meaning to the term
"melting in the rain"...


  1. OMG! hahahahaha This happened to me once... only it happened at the wax place. Yup. Awkward. :) Here's hoping it grows back quickly!!

  2. lol. i've done that before...its easy to get tweezer happy! thank goodness for brow feel-ins :)

  3. Don't mean to laugh but that is funny! I have the same stuff and I lurve it! =)

  4. This has so happened to me, except I knew and the lady that waxed me didn't even bother to tell me what she did! Crazy huh?!?
    I would love to get some of that Brow-zing stuff. Thanks for sharing :D

  5. My friend just got hers tattoo'd because they were so small and light. Sounds weird but it turned out really good :) I guess you can get like permanent eyeliner and lipliner done too!

  6. This is hilarious.. I get girls in my salon all the time who have had their brows WACKED at a nail salon. Those women like eyebrows THIN and then they come in here hoping to thicken them up. I ALWAYS suggest the benifit kit. SO glad you found it! :)

  7. This is hilarious.. I get girls in my salon all the time who have had their brows WACKED at a nail salon. Those women like eyebrows THIN and then they come in here hoping to thicken them up. I ALWAYS suggest the benifit kit. SO glad you found it! :)

  8. This has absolutely happened to me. I tried waxing my own eyebrows to save money during my broke college days and it didn't go so well. Brown eyeliner and some shading were my best friends!!!

  9. Ok I have a similiar story except I had the other part waxed off YIKES!!!! I can only blame it on myself and to many drinks oops yeah dont attempt to wax your own eyebrows while intoxicated.

  10. This recently happened to me, weeks before my wedding. Seriously? Yes, it was terrible. I will definitely be purchasing this kit - asap.

  11. Let's be were tipsy from the wine that's why you got carried away. I know how you Howards are. I hope it grows back soon for you miss Stephanie. now text me back, darn it!

  12. Brow powder/pencils are a girl's BFF. I sometimes unknowingly overpluck. Plus eyebrows just look better filled in. I'm glad the eyebrow debacle was fixed!!!

  13. My eyebrows are super light and I love this idea, currently I use a brown eyeshadow to do the trick but this looks so much easier :-)

  14. I have the same issue with my eyebrows but because they are non existant basically. I found this Bobbi Brown blonde eye brow kit that I really like. Looks similar to what you have. Works wonders too!

  15. YOU, my dear, are hilarious!!

    so glad you got your eyebrow back :)


    so that powder MAKES an eyebrow!? that is amazing!

    i hate when my brows get overgrown like a bush (not THAT type of bush)

    this looks so good though! DAYUM!


  17. I have done that too! plucked a bit too much :) thank goodness it WILL grow back!

  18. My eyebrows are always a HOT MESS!!

    PS I know you will be melting today! ITs raining like WOAH today!!

  19. this is hilarious. HILARIOUS!

    True Story: two weeks before my wedding, I went to try 'fake eyelashes'. I have the longest eye lashes as it is, but I'm selfish and wanted well defined... moving along. It was WACK! They are supposed to stay on two weeks TOPS. Well a week went back and it was my Bachelorette PArty weekend, okay so I did NOT want it {as in my lashes} to come off during my night out on the town and ruin my time, therefore I decided to pull them off. .... .... .... ....
    I pulled out the top layer {yes, your eye lashes are in layers} out of my eyelids. HORRIBLE. I looked a mess. It was awful. It changed my look, totally. Hilarious now, but just imagine ... I was FREAKING out!
    I ended NEVER getting them because I was scared, and I had to actually paint {eye-liner} on my top of my eyelid {like the part that touches me eye} in order to NOT look as if I was missing some. It was awful.

    Your story beats mine. Sorry for the book.

  20. PS- two questions for ya...

    1} Do you always blog in the same spot?

    2} Do you & your Beau eat tylenol? because it's ALWAYS in same spot on the coffee table?

    Sorry. I'm the WEIRDO that ALWAYS looks behind the object being photographed.


  21. urg! i hate when people jack with my eyebrows. i always go to anastasia salons now (they are in nordstroms). lauren conrad also has a great tutorial on eyebrows on her blog! love it!

  22. Oh goodness! This also happened to me while getting mine waxed...the day before I got married!! :)

  23. Haha! I'm sorry! I did the same thing once... but EVERYONE noticed! Atleast yours wasn't that bad!

  24. omg bless your little heart. I feel so very bad for you... I would hate that so I can only imagine how you are feeling right now... Hopefully they will be grown back out before you know it :)

  25. I use a brow pencil everyday! If I don't, I don't look good. I, too, have plucked a little too much! It happens to the best of us :)

  26. You must have had some damn good lighting & went to town! Oh I can't judge I did the exact same thing one time! I will add also along with Jessica-I notice that you are in the same spot every time you blog :) I guess I'm just a weirdo creeper like that! Hope your day was fab-u-lous & your eye brow situation gets better!


  27. Too funny! Ha:) But I love the Brow Bar! Glad they were able to help you out:) Good luck with the regrowth!

  28. Ahh!!! I hate when that happens!!! I overpluck all the time cause mine are so thick I would kill to have your eyebrows {is that too weird to say?}

    I do have to say I have used brow bar...but I do love my Arbonne eye brow make up! :)

    You are gorgeous! and You're pictures are too cute!

  29. That's too funny! But that eyebrow wax stuff is amazing! You look like you have a legit full eyebrow! Hopefully it grows back soon! I wouldn't go to that salon again! They might get greedy and take the whole eyebrow next time!

  30. mmmkayyy hi stephanie's eye ball.. lol those were some close ups!

    I have totally been guilty of this too and I got the Brow Zing.. But PS... Mine JUST now is empty and there's an equally awesome one for $3 bucks at Target by Elf... Same thing and I barely use the gel stuff..

  31. hahahah girl you crack me up!!!! I am the opposite of you and have eye brows all over the place. Would you believe that I had to get them waxed starting in 4th grade!!!!!!! Big bushy unibrow over here haha

  32. This looks great, I need to try it! When I was younger I fell and got a cut in my eyebrow. Now I have a bald stop there and I'm always looking for ways to cover it properly!


  33. Awwww, lol! I've definitely been there. I pretty much have to fill in my brows regularly because they are so sparse. Thanks goodness for brow pencils and powders!

  34. hahah I LOVE this because I always always ALWAYS go pluck crazy!!! I swear to you, my eyebrows usually look EXACTLY LIKE YOURS because I usually get bored when my kids take a bath so I just get out the tweezers and start plucking random strays, and then before I know it they are half gone!

    I totally could have written this post, hilarious.

  35. you are hilarious. beautiful. and brilliant. that is all.

  36. I had to leave another comment...I just got my eyebrows waxed today! :) yay!!!! now gotta have the fiance do the moustache

  37. omg! that's so crazy that no one told you! anyway, my cousin has a lack of brows (bad overplucking experience) and she uses something called Benefit Shellac (sold at Sephora)... it basically completely waterproofs your brows... you just paint it on once you do your powder/pencil. she swears by it! then you wont have to worry about rain! LOL

  38. I'm ready for a new post!


  39. I have a weird thing about eyebrows...always grooming...and I've definitely been victim of OVER plucking!! The brow kit is a genius idea! Instant fix!

  40. I'm a little (lotta) late to the party here but...your brow kit be lookin good on you! If I had a nickel for every time I've overplucked my I've laid off a little as I've gotten older because I've somewhat learned the error of my ways. Does the brow kit not make you feel sticky?


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