November 21, 2011

What Do A Watch, A Camera & The Sexiest Man Alive Have In Common?

Have I told you lately how lucky you are to know me? 

Because sometimes, just sometimes, I can be a complete and utter genius. (Although, after reading the eyebrow incident from a few past posts, I totally understand if you doubt me on that last statement.)

Moving right along...

As bloggers, there are quite a few things you and I have in common here: 

A) We are obsessed with anything Christmas related.
B) We have an undying love for Pinterest
C) Our shopping addiction is out. of. control.
D) We're HORRIBLE influences on each other's wallets.
E) let's be honest, we're women. There are many, many things we "want".

Amongst all this gibbrish, I'm here to tell you you that I have officially come up with THE most brilliant Christmas Wish List to date...

...via a little thing I like to call "Pinterest".

What I'm trying to say is that for ALL of you Pinteresters out there, like myself, there's a new board awaiting your creation...

The "Wishlist" board.

Why is this so genius, you ask?


Aunt Mary calls...brrrring....brrrring...
(yes-that's a pretend cell phone ringing. Go with it.)

"Steph-I need a Christmas list for you and Beau this year!"

"Oh! You do?! Well that's just so happens you're in luck...hop on over to


Stick 'em with a virtual Christmas list that can be updated YEAR ROUND!

Year-freaking-round, people!!

Are you pickin' up what I'm layin' down???

That's right. Any and everything I've wished for since the latter part of this year has been pinned to a specific board on Pinterest. A board solely devoted for family and friends to refer to for Christmas shopping purposes. A little board I like to refer to as "Dear Santa-I've Been Good!"
Looks a little somethin' like so....

And just in case...if you were wondering what I hope to find in my stocking this year...


Michael Kors Blackout Watch

Canon Rebel T3i
(bundle kit, preferably)

Monogram Pendant
(sHn-to be exact)

Burlap Throw Pillow
(Howard-Est. 2011)

Michael Kors Patent Bag

Under Armour Running Shoes
(Sweet Baby Jesus I LOVE these!!) 
Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume

"H" Initial Ring via Etsy

iPhone 4S
(I currently have the 3G people, gimme a break.)

Tory Burch sunglasses
(Or Michael Kors-I'll settle for either...)

Oh! And if anyone can figure out a way to fit 
into my ever-loving stocking, I totally wouldn't hate it.
(ow owwwww!!)
(Sorry, Beau.)  ;)

That's all.

If any of you are out and about Christmas shopping for moi, feel FREE to throw any of the above into your cart. I might just LOVE you for-eva! ;)


  1. I LOVE this list. Seriously I want everything on here!

  2. LOVE this idea (and pretty much everything on your list)!!!

  3. Such a cute idea!
    Where can you get the monogrammed necklaces?? I want one!

  4. Can you just double everything on your list and get me one too? K thanks. :)

  5. You are kinda gonna hate me because the t3i will be mine this week :) or next... depending on where I decide to buy it from!!

    PS-Can I give Beau my list on Pinterest too since he's my tubby?

    I love those running shoes too..but I'll take 'em with blue on the bottom :)

  6. LOVE your list! I lusted after the Canon Rebel 2Ti so now it looks like I want the 3 since I never bought the 2 haha. AND I will buy you and I will buy you a monogrammed necklace if you buy me one ;) Deal? KAY haha

  7. sorry beau ha!

    um I definitely want the SMA in my christmas shopping cart also.

    speaking of, I AM following you on Pinterest, right? Let me go see, because I better be or that would just be the worst thing to ever happen in 2011.

  8. perfect. i no longer need to make a christmas list. i'll just refer them to your pinterest board. sure, anything she likes will work for me too. except, i'm upping it a bit...just a bit...i need, yes need, the canon 5d. this photography hobby is damn expensive!!

  9. Not only is that list wonderful but the 'things bloggers have in common' is completely true!

  10. Youre funny and I hope you get that camera!! I LOVE mine and I know you will too!!

    Loves seeing you this weekend! You always make me laugh!

  11. That camera is TOTALLY at the TOP of my list. Santa, I NEEEED it! :)

  12. I wholeheartedly approve of your Christmas list. I totally need to start one on Pinterest now! Light Blue is my "signature scent" too - love it!

  13. I adore that burlap pillow. So stinkin cute! I am dying for a camera too girly. Santa needs to hook some sistaz up :-)

  14. This is a perfect genius idea!!! Gosh! I love love love all your presents..I am going to just send your list to my mom so I don't have to do all the work! :)

  15. This really is the most amazing idea ever!! Now hopefully some of our old relatives can work the internet. Hahahaha.

    And seriously, I have a 3G, too. We are so deserving of that 4.

  16. I LOVE Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. It's the favorite scent that I own. Good choice

  17. sounds like a pretty good christmas list to me! good idea girl :)

  18. high 5 on the camera! I'm doing the black friday thang for that same one!!

  19. mY list: the same camera you have listed. the end.

  20. have you checked out the T3 bundle kit deal at Sam's for Black Friday?! Looks like a winner!


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