November 4, 2011

Dirty Rotten Truth

First things first...

Cheers to the freakin' weeken'.
(I'll drink to thaaaat)

Moving right girls...too sweet for participating in my 2 truths and a lie ditty yesterday. I know you've been up all night long, biting at your fingernails and pacing the floors waiting for me to come clean today. 

Well-today, friends, you can put your little minds at ease because I'm here to come clean. I've been up since the crack tallying up your votes and the results are in:

#1: Fifteen of you think I'm too classy to want 4 tattoos.
#2: Thirteen of you think my nose is perfectly natural.
#3: Three of you think I would never drive around with truck nutz on my car.

  Perhaps you girls know me better than I thought because...
I do NOT have 3 tattoos and therefore I am NOT dying to get a fourth!

 They say there's a bit of truth behind every lie and, well, I'm no different.

I do have tattoos...yes, plural...but only TWO-not THREE.
I still like to consider myself to be "tatted up".
Tattoo #1: A ladybug on my hip...
...which, by the way-was THE worst pain ever. I thought I was literally going to pass out on the table. Is it just me or does the color look a little faded to you? Oh-wait, it is. Genius over here went running the same week I got it and thought it'd be a great idea to NOT cover it up. The ink ended up getting stuck to my running shorts and half the color was pulled out of it. Damn, I'm smart. Needless to say, guess who's NOT going back to have it fixed?

 Tattoo #2: Two flowers...on my ass.
(Excuse the blur but have you ever tried to take a pic of your own butt? 
Talk about back cramps...)
Anywho, when I turned 18, a group of girlfriends and I (ahem, Brooke, Ashley & Mandi) all decided we wanted tattoos "just to say we had one". So, what better thing to do than to have your mother take you to get your first one? (Thanks, mom.) Since it is located on my hind part, there's a running joke that it'll be turning into a garden once I get knocked up. (Once again...thanks, mom.)

Next on the agenda...for those of you who guessed that this nose of mine is the nose I was born're all too kind. You see...I'm half Italian and a big nose, well, just comes with the territory. To say I hated my "old" nose/"old" profile is an understatement so my junior year of college I went under the knife and had it, um, well, "reduced". :) While under anesthesia I begged the doc to throw in a complimentary boob job too...which, by the way, he did not go for. Shucks.

And last-but definitely NOT least...only THREE of you thought I would never be caught dead driving around with a pair of truck nutz dangling from the back of my car...three? Really?! I mean, I guess I come across as the girl who would do such a thing because, ladies...'tis true. Ha. Yup-back when I had my Yukon (LOVED that truck), I bought a pair and spray painted them hot pink. People-I'm from Texas. I hunt. I fish. Would you expect anything less than hot pink balls hanging from the back of my black Yukon? I am once classy B...lemme tell ya. (And tell my Reesey Pants I'm a changed woman since then!)
Phew-feels good to get that off my chest!
Now that you know all my dirt, I hope we can still be friends.
If not, your loss. ;)

Cheers, party people. 


  1. Honestly, I never would have thought the nose thing!! I don't know why!! lol. You crack me up.... love the comment about you taking a picture of your ass.

  2. whaaaat!! would have never guessed you had a nose job but i can totally see teh differences in that pic!

    im going to buy myself a pair of balls and paint them pink. that is jsut awesome hahah

    clearly we need to text more so i can learn more about yo life and NEVER get this question wrong again!


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I've broke the news to Reese and all is well.


    ok I love you so much for being honest about his. Your nose was not bad before but it looks soo good and natural. YOU GORGEOUS THING YOU!!! I'm totally getting my boobs done after kids. Give me your doctor's name, I'll come to Houston if I have to.


  5. The tattoo garden this is funny! Would have never guessed the second was a truth! I am half Italian as well but fortunately I got my mothers nose (she was Irish)


  6. i have a tiny little lady bug on my foot! i love it!
    i actually wanted one similar to yours with the little dots like it were flying. but mine is so small it looked all jumbled together.

  7. Bahaha seriously you crack me up. I was wrong but that's okay, I am sticking around cuz you Rock :) Love this game. I am going to have to think of some cool ones to do on my blog..
    Cheers to you!

  8. Hey girly! Today is the last day to enter my blog giveaway! Come check it out!

  9. ok I LOVE THE NOSE PICS! Just because you are GORGEOUS as it is but seriously? That is like the best nose job I have ever seen! (and you know I mean it in the best way!) and I also have a tattoo on my ass. My husbands name. and pink balls????

    stephanie. I thought I loved you before....

  10. Omg i would of never guessed you got a nose job!!

  11. oh my gosh! this is awesome!! I def would have never guessed you had a nose job--they did an AWESOME job!! I'm from a small country town and tons of people use to have the truck that yours were girly ;) hahaha

  12. I am so glad that you had truck nutz on your car!! I was hoping that one was true! haha

  13. haha I KNEW you were wayy to classy to have 3 tattoos and to be wanting a fourth lol. i have two myself and that is plenty for me.. When girls start getting a bunch of tattoos.. Umm sorry hunn but you just look trashy.. ;(

    Have a good weekend hun!

    btw- you are super brave going under the knife for your nose. I am just way to scared of needles for all that. heck no. lol.

  14. And I see you put me on your beautiful bloggers list. :)
    Thanks Hun :)

  15. I wouldn't have guessed your nose either, you look awesome!
    Hope you're having a great weekend! I have been so bad about commenting lately and wanted to say HI!

  16. I had NOOOO idea about your nose!!! Please tell me...was it the worst pain you've ever endured? And how long did you look awful (if you even did at all)?! I ask because I have always hated my nose. I would get it done in a heartbeat. Yours looks fab00! :)


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