November 27, 2011

26 On The 27th

Recognize this lil' lady right here?
I thought so.

26 years ago, this world was blessed with a little baby bird we all call by the name of

(Or as you bloggers all know her-"All In My Twenties")

The girl I met over a romantic kegstand back in college...

The girl who will love you with all her heart...

...but who I'd be petrified of if I were on her bad side...

The girl I've shared countless laughs with...

Who shamelessly busts out doing the robot on command...

The girl who stood by my side the day I married my best friend...

The girl who created this entire blog for me...

Happy Birthday, Kristen!! 
I LOVES you so so so SO much!

So what are you waiting for?! 
Get on over there and wish my little lovebird a happy HAPPY birthday!!!


  1. a real life blogger friends! this was a super sweet post. Going to say happy bday now!


  2. Well I have done wished her a happy birthday :) however I must admit I do love this blog post so cute & adorable :)

  3. I just wished her a happy birthday! She seems like such a wonderful friend :)

  4. This is so adorable!! What a great friend you are!

  5. Happy Birthday to your friend!!! This seems like so much fun!!!

  6. Such a sweet post!! Happy Birthday to her!

  7. Aww! This is so cute!!! :) LOVE IT! Happy birthday Kristen!

  8. Such a fantastic tribut to your friend!!!
    I hopped over & wished her a Happy Birthday :)

  9. Happy Birthday to her! I love both of y'alls blogs!



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