November 13, 2011

Such Is The Life of A Hunter's Wife

Let's be honest...when us girls have an entire weekend to ourselves, what better thing(s) to do than absolutely nothing. Am I right or am I right?

Shall we cover the things I did do this weekend while Beau was out of town or
shall we talk about the things I absolutely, positively did not do??

First things first...

I DID send him sweet, mushy, wifey, cheesy picture messages to let him know how much I missed him. (You gotta keep 'em interested at all times, girls.)

He DID respond with a message just as romantic...
Dead hogs in the shape of a heart. How sweet?!
I guess it's the thought that counts?

I DID find a few pretty little items to add to my Christmas list
Hi, wanna come home with me?! ;)

I DID eat tortilla chips, cheese and an apple for dinner on Saturday night.
That counts as a balanced meal, right? Right.

I DID find Wal-Mart.
(Baby Jesus, to be exact.)

I DID make every attempt at putting our Christmas
tree together before he got home...

I did NOT succeed...
This would be the top and the bottom pieces.
(Middle section was still in the garage.) #fail

I did NOT booze whilst shopping.
Nope. Not one bit.

I did NOT spend all of Beau's money at the Nutcracker Market. This is a very sad but true story...we're a whopping $12 in the whole from that shopping experience which means he'll most likely allow me to participate in it every year from here on out... :)

I did NOT cook.

I did NOT clean.

I did NOT workout.

I did NOT study much for my big test coming up this Wednesday.
(But I did manage to turn our kitchen table into my "office if that's any constellation?)

All in all...I'd call it a success, yes?


  1. I think your weekend sounds as perfect as a lonely weekend can be :) why is it that we get lazy and become so unmotivated when our husbands are gone?!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! :) I get one of those next weekend! Whoop!

  3. Girl sounds like you had a great weekend:) you have me laughing though you are so funny:) Thanks for making me laugh this morning

  4. boozing at hob lob? what a great idea!

  5. sometimes the days you have to spend doing whatever YOU want and only YOU are just the best... not to say we don't miss the boys, but i laid in bed all day yesterday and watched Lifetime and My Fair Lady and it was GLORIOUS! Something I could have never gotten away with had hubs been home! LOL

  6. LOVE those weekends when you have nothing to do but spend time doing nothing! The tree pics made me LOL, that's totally what mine would look like!

  7. Yes! I say that is a fantastic weekend!!

  8. lol you know he loves you when he sets up the heart shaped hog heart

    your weekend sounds absolutely amazing! minus the missing hubby...but very relaxing!


  9. Sounds like a great weekend to me girl!

  10. l love when my roomies got out of town for the weekend and I have 3 days to just chill, catch up on stuff, and pretty much do absolutely nothing!

  11. Oh dear, the hog heart is..... interesting. LOL. At least retail therapy helped! haha

  12. YOU, missy, CRACK ME UP.

    love the hogs. hilar.

    teach me how to booze when i shop!!

  13. your weekend looked great! And the Boars... hahaha AWESOME!! Seriuosly it is totally romantic!

    You and baby Jesus look very cute!

    And YOur gold purse is awesome!!

    OHHH and I LOVE the candle on your table! I've been looking for something like that!

    Sabrina Says

  14. I feel that drinking while in Walmart is the only way to get thru the shopping trip sometimes!

  15. you are so cute girl! Hey boozing and shopping is OKAY! And not working out sounds like my kind of weekend!! I havent worked out in two weeks (and have been eating dessert like crazy) and I am started to see a little pooch in the belly...maybe the stomach bug I have will get rid of it haha!! Okay going to check out your WEDDDINGGGGGGGG posts now :-)

  16. I love that you drank while you shopped! Such a great idea....kind of feel dumb for not thinking of that myself. There's always next weekend! :) And can I say that when I was younger, someone stole that same baby Jesus out of the freaking manger outside my house?! Ah, the nerve! Hahaha

  17. I do the exact same thing when home alone for the weekend! I love it! Except for the photo he sent you...that made me scream!

  18. My boyfriend was hunting all weekend and I didn't get a single picture of a dead animal in the shape of a heart! We're totally breaking up now. #whatanass

    haha yall are too cute! i need to train him better apparently!

  19. I must say, you look gorgeous for a shopping trip to Wally World when the hubs is out of town. A blow dryer or curling iron NEVER touch my hair when Bryan's out of town, nor does eye liner. I look like a full on boy when I don't see him. I'm impressed with how put together you are! Oh, please tell me why you're studying... I think I'm missing an important piece to your "life" puzzle?!

  20. you are a pumpkin and I will see your face this weekend!! I lvoes you!

  21. Definitely looks like a picture my boyfriend would send me haha

  22. This post is hilarious! My husband went hunting this weekend (and will every weekend till the end) but I didn't get any dead animal pictures!! & I want to go to the Nutcracker Market so bad, maybe next year!

  23. Ha that sounds like the best weekend ever! I'm jealous you got to relax and just hang around, I'm looking forward to doing that this coming weekend:) & too funny about the Christmas tree! ha

  24. No matter what's in that's CUTE and I want it!!!

  25. Hahaha I loved this... I've had MANY of "those weekends" ;) I'd say it was very successful. And um, if your husband takes the time to put dead hogs in the shape of a heart... he truly loves you. Just sayin'... :)

  26. Sounds like a very successful weekend to me. Any weekend that calls for Chips & Salsa as dinner makes me happy :)

  27. This weekend sounds pretty amazing. I have to admit, I love his hog heart.. Looks like something Jason would send me :) AND, I lovveee that you were Shopping with booze, my kind of shopping trip!

  28. just discovered your blog! hello.

    my husband is also a hunter. i try to act mad that he's gone all the damn time hunting...because well, that's what a good wife should do. but secretly, i love that he's gone. i don't have to cook or clean or even shower for that matter. wait, that's gross. i do shower, but i am in no way going to shave my legs while he's gone.

    my weekend was much like yours -- a total success!!


  29. um helloo!!!!!! you also DID text back and forth with me all weekend. Cannot believe you left that out.


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  31. OK, I love the dead hogs in the shape of a heart. Granted, it's pretty gross, but it's the thought of it that makes me go "awwww". Sounds like you had a productive weekend while the hunter was away! haha! :)

  32. "Dead hogs in the shape of a heart." Seriously, so disgusting and so funny but truly pretty creative and adorable. Sheesh, enough adjectives in that one? :)


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