November 7, 2011

A Very Husbandless Weekend & An Epic Guest Post

This Saturday was the first day of deer season so guess who 
spent her weekend less of a husband?! 

Yep. Yours truly.

Guess who also received super romantic picture messages of his animal of choice?

It's safe to assume I was less than thrilled when I opened this one...

 I mean, I suppose it's okay since the weekend was jam packed with family and shopping and football and more football. Needless to say, I was a pretty happy camper spending Sunday night curled up on the couch with my guy. (Did I mention my Cougars are ranked #11!!??)

My favorites, Aunt Mary & Uncle John, came into town from Dallas!
Please note my husband's "hat rack" in the top left corner of our living room...

Brother bear took me to the Texans game on Sunday! 
(We won. Duh.)

Anywho-enough about me.

Lets talk about this pretty little lady who tied the knot over the weekend...

While Lil Miss Kristin is off gallivanting around Mexico as a newlywed (can we say "jealous?!"), I've taken over her blog for the day! And by "taken over" I mean, I put up a pretty epic post I titled "Blogsmaids" that may or may not include the following blogettes: Erica, Carolyn, Kristen, Julie, Jenni, Katie and of course our little Bridey Bee herself, Kristin. Not to toot my own horn or anything but it tickled my pickle (yea-I really just said that) so get your little booty over there and show us some L-O-V-E! 

Oh-and of course, don't forget to tell her congrats and best of luck whipping that man of hers into shape! ;) Lord knows us wives need this kind of hope on a daily basis...


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your guest post. We need to make this happen. Let's throw a pretend bachelorette party so we can all hang out. Could you imagine?!?!?!

  2. Oh my word that picture! I may just have let out a little scream at work!!!! And the hat rack is cracking me up!!!!

  3. That picture is something my husband would send! Haha! Sounds like a fun weekend! :)

  4. Love your hat rack, i myself have two in my living room, and will have three as soon as my spike gets mounted!!

  5. you are so stinky cute and funny:)

  6. that's ok. I don't want to be in your stupid wedding anyway.

  7. Ha, I've gotten a pic like that a time or two before. SUPER thrilling, right? ;)

  8. Ever since the season started I have seen less and less of my bf! He's actually hunting right now! He wakes up bright and early to go and gets off work early to go before sunset! I'm trying to keep in mind it's only for one season so I don't go nuts!

  9. Ew that picture of the dead animal is pretty gross! & I'm going over to check out Kristin's blog now!


  10. I thought it was Deer opener? I love a good pig though.. YUM carnitas.. It's horrible I think that when I see animals.. Like mmm... cheeseburgers...

  11. Heading there to read! I need a guest post idea! Maybe you will inspire me.

  12. haha what a romantic picture text! oh and I love that picture of you and your look so cute :) gonna go check out your guest post now! xo

  13. I'm loving that picture of your friend and her hubs! That is just precious!

    The picture your hubs sent you... I'm not loving that too much! Haha! A few of my cousins hunt and I am just so glad AW isn't into hunting. I think its gross! I give you mad props!

  14. Super Cute guest post! And Love the hat rack. lol.
    Samantha :)

  15. love the hat rack on the head...ugh i wish i was a texan!!

    i seriously need to learn this sock bun curl thing...or just how to curl my hair so it can look like yours!

    im so happy to be in your blog wedding but even more happy to have BLOG BOOBS!!!!!


  16. You're too funny! It tickled your pickle? Love it!

  17. LOVE this post because you two love birds make me sooo happy and hopeful that someday, I too will want to keep a man around longer than a weekend ;) Yor weekend sounds like fun ya little hottie!! And can we talk about how your brother would look like you with a long wig!? WOW haha xoxo

  18. Oh girl.... I got a picture last year of alex's dead hog and then a follow up picture of him wasted face and holding the hog balls!!!!! Oh boys....

  19. Great post on Mackey Madness!! New follower xo

  20. Hunting season in Montana, too. With temps in the teens. Crazy.
    Good luck on your work test!


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